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Shipping and Receiving

I frequently receive birds through the mail.  If done correctly, it is very reliable.  To ship a bird, call me first and advise that you intend to ship.  Ship second day mail on Monday or Tuesday only.  Call when you have dropped it off at the post office.

Take the frozen bird out of the freezer.  Do not ship “thawed birds”.  Find a cardboard box large enough to accommodate the bird.  Do not try and force a bird into a box or sharply bend the feathers to get it to fit.  Wrap the bird in newspaper – four or five layers.  Stuff the box with newspaper or Styrofoam beads so that the bird is tight in the box.  Seal all flaps with tape.  Wrap the exterior of the box with strapping tape so it will not break in shipment and ship.  I will call you upon receipt to confirm I have the bird. 

For migratory birds (ducks, geese, doves and etc) you must attach a Federal migratory bird tag to the leg of each bird.  You can make the tag your self or I can mail them to you. 

The following information must be attached to each migratory bird.
Your name, the date, your address, city, State, zip, species, number of species (1, 1 of 2, 1 of 4 and etc) the date collected, where (State and county), telephone number, and sign each tag individually.  Also note your hunting license number and state – this should match the location where the specimen was collected.  Also, make sure that the contents of the box are clearly noted on the container

Another way is to purchase a cheap foam cooler.  Find a box that fits the cooler, pack as noted above and ship.

If you have any questions, call me in advance.

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